Thursday, 23 August 2012

Deadline to notify patients about grandfathering

November 17, 2010 is the deadline for notifying patients.

CMS would like to remind all non-contract suppliers that furnish competitively bid rented DME or oxygen and oxygen equipment to beneficiaries in CBAs of the following upcoming deadlines:

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Thursday, 23 August 2012 launches beta release

Directory of Medicare Contracted Suppliers Now Online logo: Medicare Competitive Bididng Online DirectoryWelcome to the beta release of! This website is a directory of medical equipment suppliers who are contracted under the Medicare Competitive Bidding Program.  Our goal in designing this website was to give those who are in charge of making healthcare decisions an easy to find, and easy to use, website with all of the information they would need.

Since this program is beginning roughly six weeks, and there is no online directory at the moment, we felt that it was important to get this site online quickly. That’s why we’re releasing site in its beta format. 

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Information for patients who use have Medicare and use home medical equipment.

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Info for hospitals about Medicare's Competitive Bidding Program for home medical equipment.

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Information for prescribers about the new Medicare Competitive Bidding program.

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