Patient Medicare Competitive Bidding Overview

Beginning January 1, 2011 Medicare will roll out a new program that will affect the way you receive home medical equipment. Until now Medicare has allowed any home medical equipment provider to deliver products that your physician orders. Under the new program a supplier must be contracted with Medicare in order to receive payment.

This means that if your physician prescribes home medical equipment, and you intend for Medicare to pay for it, the prescription must be sent to a contracted supplier.

This program will be rolled out in 10 areas of the country and includes nine categories of products. The products included in this program are the items most often prescribed by physicians. However, not all medical devices are included in this program.

For more information on both the areas that this program covers, and the products included please see the links on the left.


Information for patients who use have Medicare and use home medical equipment.

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Info for hospitals about Medicare's Competitive Bidding Program for home medical equipment.

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Information for prescribers about the new Medicare Competitive Bidding program.

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