Supplies & Refills

Supplies are items that are purchased and not rented. These are items such as enteral nutrition formula, CPAP masks and diabetic test strips. After January 1, 2011 these items must be provided by a company that is contracted under the Medicare Competitive Bidding program.

Below are some items that have special rules.

Enteral Nutrition
Some patients use an electronic pump that regulates the flow of enteral nutrition formula. The supplier who delivers the enteral formula generally delivers the pump and its related supplies. 

Under the Medicare Competitive Bidding program enteral nutrition supplies, INCLUDING THE PUMP, may NOT be grandfathered.

This means that patients will need to be referred to a Medicare contracted supplier prior to their January, 2011 date of service. 

CPAP / BiPAP Supplies
Your CPAP or BiPAP mask is purchased by Medicare and can be replaced every three months. After January 1, 2011 your mask may only be replaced by a Medicare Contracted Supplier.

Diabetic Test Strips & Supplies
Many people who use diabetic testing supplies receive refills of these items via mail (or UPS). Once the Medicare Competitive Bidding program begins these refills may only be sent by suppliers who are contracted under the Medicare Competitive Bidding program.

This rule applies only to diabetic testing supplies (test strips, lancets, batteries, etc) that are delivered by a common carrier (UPS, FedEx, U.S. Mail).

This program does not apply if you choose to pick up your testing supplies at a retail location, such as a pharmacy.


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